About Nufoot

Nufoot – Revolutionizing indoor footwear. Before Nufoot came along, the main alternatives to indoor, besides going barefeet, are socks or slippers. Nufoot, made with neoprene and treated with antimicrobial provides a comfortable, clean, and attractive alternative to the traditional slipper.

Ergonomic design, sleek appearance, and vibrant colors make Nufoot the footwear of choice for lounging around at home, brainstorming at the office, hanging out in the dormitories, reclining in an airplane, and working out in the gym.

Our patent-pending technology brings to you a product that is both water-proof and breathable.

Now you can go from the gym to yoga class to the shower wearing the sporty and functional Nufoot. Now you can saunter through the common areas and bathrooms in your dorm looking hip and being protected from the dirt. Now you can read, cook, garden, and lounge around at home in comfort and style in Nufoot.

Easy care. Nufoot is machine washable and air-dries quickly.

At Nufoot, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We want to hear from you. Send us photos of you in your Nufoot. Tell us about the many ways that you use Nufoot. Share your stories with us. Find us on Facebook. Twit about us.


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