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About NuFoot

Nufoot was created out of necessity. Most of us spend too much time in uncomfortable shoes, including boots and high heels. Do you remember the feeling of “AHHH….” when you come home and remove those stuffy shoes and socks and toss them to the side while you wiggle your toes?

That “AHHH…” feeling is what Nufoot feels like when you remove your confining shoes and boots and slip into the 4-way stretch, form fitting Nufoot that is designed to cuddle and protect your feet like a second layer of skin. (Some of our users call Nufoot “Foot Cozies”)

The idea of Nufoot first came about when Patricia was designing a footwear solution for college students living in dormitories and contending with the not so savory common areas. She remembered the olden days when she was an undergrad in the dorm rooms trying to side-step spillage of questionable origin. How can such high functioning 18-year-olds be so messy? She wanted to create a shoe that is comfortable, convenient, light-weight, easy to care for, as well as affordable. After designing and prototyping and going back to the drawing board, and seeking input and advice from various shoe designers and podiatrists, she came up with something that she and the team would wear (and these Nufoot team members are very discerning shoe connoisseurs).

The first pair of Nufoot was introduced in Camex (the largest collegiate retail convention in America) in 2012. The attendees were so enamored with the concept of Nufoot that a lot of students asked to be brand ambassadors on campus. The Nufoot product and concept resonated with everyone. In fact, every person who tried the shoes thought of a different way of using Nufoot. Pretty soon, the conversation evolved into brainstorming on where else they can wear Nufoot.

“You can wear Nufoot on the airplane!” “You can wear Nufoot in the hospital.” “You can wear Nufoot on a cruise ship.” “You can wear Nufoot to your wedding. Can you imagine the relief to your feet after dancing all night?” “You can wear Nufoot at your office. Look! It looks just like a pair of flats! A cute pair, too!” “You can wear Nufoot to yoga!” “Think about how comfortable these Nufoot are for an expectant mother, especially when her feet are so swollen!” “You can wear Nufoot while lounging at home! Or even cooking. I won’t get so disgusted when I step in a puddle anymore!”

With so many enthusiastic users giving us ideas and feedback, we started introducing Nufoot to different markets, travel, medical, yoga, maternity, collegiate, and gifts. Over the past three years, we have had many users emailing us and sharing with us their experiences. Here are a few…..


To all of you, from all of us