Protect your feet while cleaning your homeI know very few people who like to clean their house.  It just isn’t a lot of fun having to deal with dirty things.  However, you know it has to get done, so you work hard to do the job right.  Whether it is tubs and showers in the bathroom or floors around the rest of the house, you often find yourself having to step on wet surfaces in order to do what has to be done.  None of your footwear options are good.  You could wear socks, but they will get wet.  Wearing shoes will keep your feet dry but dirt on the wet soles will start making a bigger mess than the one you are trying to clean up.  Trying to avoid the wet areas with your feet leads to leaning and stretching in all kinds of uncomfortable ways.  Nufoot has the answer.  Made of water-resistant neoprene you can walk over any wet surface and your feet stay dry.  Clean the bathroom tile while standing in the tub.  Rinse everything off without worrying about getting water on your feet.  Walk back over that floor you just mopped to get to spots that you missed.  When you are done, you can just throw them in the wash and they will be clean for the next time you need them.  While it is not a job that you love to do, Nufoot makes it quicker and easier.