Bridal ShoesYou spent a year planning your wedding. You found a location. You picked the DJ. You tasted more cakes than you can count. After 4 fittings, the dress is gorgeous and fits great. The bridal shoes you found are going to look amazing. With the thought of the shoes, you take a pause. Sure, they will look great, but the thought of standing in them all day makes you wince as you think about how uncomfortable you are going to be.  Is this really the best way to spend your most special day? Not to worry. Whenever you want to take a break, just slip into a pair of white Nufoot. They will match your dress and make your feet feel great. Whether it is when you are getting prepared to walk down the aisle or when you are dancing until late in the evening, Nufoot keeps you comfortable while protecting your feet. White Nufoot is available in Ballet Flats and Betsy Lou styles. You can even get your bridesmaids the same style in a color that matches their dresses. Nufoot is the perfect addition for your entire bridal party.