No more wet socksMany of us kick off our shoes once we walk in the door of our homes.  When you are in your house you want to be comfortable and you don’t want to track dirt all over the place. However, walking around in bare feet on cold floors is no fun either.  Socks are great, but they have a big drawback.  If you happen to walk over any areas where there is a little bit of liquid on the floor, your sock soaks it right up.  Your choice is now to either walk around with a wet sock for the next hour or to put on a new pair.  Slippers can be used, but they are not nearly as snug and comfortable as socks.  Nufoot gives you the best of both worlds.  The neoprene construction prevents water from being absorbed and protects your feet from dirt and grime.  The 4 way stretch which means Nufoot conforms to your feet just like a sock would.  Your feet stay warm and dry.  With over 80 fashionable designs, not only are you comfortable, but you look great as well!