Nufoot – The perfect footwear for air travelWhoever said that getting there was half the fun was obviously not riding on an airplane.  Air travel used to be glamorous, but now it can be a very unpleasant experience.  You wait in a long line at security, fight for space in the overhead bins, and then you squeeze into a small seat where you will be stuck for the next several hours.  The first thing you want to do when you sit down is to take off those shoes and make yourself at least a little more comfortable.  However, you find yourself next to strangers with a carpet of dubious cleanliness.   What are you going to do?  Nufoot has the answer. Take off your shoes and slip into a pair of Nufoot.  Your feet will instantly feel better and you are still protected from whatever is on the ground.  Even better, if you need to get up, you do not have to bend and fumble to put on your shoes.   Nufoot protects your feet anywhere you go on the plane.  When you are done with you trip, just drop them in the wash and Nufoot is ready for your next adventure.  Happy travels!