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Comfortable Bridal Shoes | Wedding Shoes


Your wedding day is one of the most important and stressful days of your life. Everything is going perfectly, from flowers to catering, to the guests, and especially to your beautiful dress. But what is that pinching pain from your toes? Alas, every pair of bridal shoes that we have ever encountered has been elegant and gorgeous BUT extremely uncomfortable. Imagine a 16 hour day in those bridal shoes. It is enough to put a damper on even the most spirited of brides This is why we created Nufoot flat shoes for weddings.  Nufoot comes in white and an array of colors to match any bridesmaid dresses.  Or you can get the white Nufoot and dye them to match whatever color you choose for your wedding party.  Imagine the unparalleled comfort and freedom as you dance the night away, wearing the most comfortable slippers ever created. Cinderella would gladly trade her glass slippers for yours if she knew how wonderfully free your feet feel on the dance floor. Finally, you truly enjoy your wedding and will not be plagued by the pain of toe-pinching wedding pumps. After your wedding, pack your Nufoot in your suitcase for your honeymoon! It is useful on your long airplane ride, as well as the resort.  Nufoot is manufactured using water resistant neoprene coupled with an anti-microbial treatment which protects your feet like no socks or slippers can.  In addition, the non-skid soles on Nufoot provide added traction against slippery floors. Made with 4-way stretch fabric, Nufoot was designed to accommodate all feet sizes and shapes; wide, thin, long short – we’ve got you covered.   Nufoot is machine washable and can be worn over and over again.  Choose a pair of white Nufoot or kick it up a notch and select a bold color or pattern.

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