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Most Comfortable Flats


Futsoles are everything you love about Nufoot and MORE! You loved Nufoot for the comfort, the style, and the flexibility. Futsole is made with 4-way stretch Lycra that is breathable and stretchable around your toes to give you that “AHH…” feeling when you get out of your heels or boots and slip into our Futsoles.
You loved Nufoot for its lightweight design packable structure. Likewise, you can pack up Futsole into the free drawstring bag included with every pair, and stuff it into your purse or backpack.
You loved how Nufoot fits your feet like gloves and conforms to your every movement. Futsole has an ultra-flexible sole composed of a mosaic of soft rubber pockets that move with every muscle of your sole.
You loved how Nufoot protects you from skidding, from germs and from moisture on the ground. Futsole provides all the same protection plus OUTDOORS!
Yes, many of you have written to us about how you like our Nufoot and wished that we would create a shoe that combines all the great features of Nufoot plus a more rugged sole for the outdoors. We listened to your feedback and are excited to introduce to you….Futsole – everything you love about Nufoot and more!

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