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Diabetic Shoes | Hospital Slippers


With all the advancements made in medicine, it is surprising that patients’ footwear is still as backward as the 1950s. When I visited my friend at the hospital last month, I noticed with dismay that the hospital distributed to her a pair of thin cotton socks with only a couple of strips of “non-slip” on the bottom of the socks. These skimpy socks offer no warmth or protection for her feet. In environments like hospitals, clinics, and assisted living facilities, the risk of slipping and the risk of infection are very high, higher than in other environments. We believe that a more protective form of footwear can go a long way in better serving the patients.

Nufoot’s shoes and slippers have a skid resistant sole that gives added traction to reduce the risk of fall and our tough soles provide better protection for patients against germs and infection. In addition, Nufoot gives much needed warmth to the patient’s extremities.

We have received numerous calls and emails from patients, and caregivers, telling us how much they appreciated wearing Nufoot during their hospital stays and how much use they got out of Nufoot after they returned home! Diabetic patients also find Nufoot effective in healing their dry feet , cracked heels and swollen feet. They have found innovative ways of wearing Nufoot (inside their boots, outside of their socks, and wearing Nufoot to keep their ointment on their feet for therapeutic use).

Nufoot is machine washable and can be worn over and over again. Stop wearing those dirty germ ridden slippers and socks and put on a pair of Nufoot.

Nufoot is available for both men and women in assortment of colors and sizes.

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