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Red/Black Stripe Nufoot Booties for Boys are the perfect indoor shoe for your little one. They are skid-resistant to stabilize little feet. Nufoot water resistant neoprene construction means that your little one's feet are protected from dirty floors and germs. Because Nufoot is four way stretch, it will always stay snug on children's feet. It also grows with your child because it stretches to accommodate growing toes. Red/Black stripe Nufoot for Boys will look great on your boy's feet!

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What should you son wear on his feet in the house? Wearing the same shoes he wears outside just tracks dirt all throughout the house. Socks offer very little traction and pick up everything he steps in. Bare feet are an option, but now the bottoms of his feet get dirty. What you want is an indoor shoe that is as comfortable as socks, has a nonskid bottom, is dirt and spill resistant, and is easy to clean. Nufoot Booties for Boys are what you want! Made of 4-way stretch neoprene material, these indoor shoes provide a snug, comfortable fit, and protect aganist dirt and spills. Non-skid soles provides traction as he tears around the house. Anti-microbial treatment helps protect against germs. Easy to clean. Simply machine wash cold and then air dry. Nufoot Booties for Boys are the perfect footwear for you little man.

Reviews 1
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