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Yoga Shoes | Non-Slip Yoga Socks


Nufoot enhances the yoga experience by offering shoes and socks with strong-grip, non-skid soles to provide added traction. No need for a yoga mat – slip on your Nufoot and you’re ready for class. In fact, you can go from dressing room, to class, to the shower, in your Nufoot. When you are all done, just drop your Nufoot into the washing machine and it air dries quickly. In addition to traction, Nufoot offers protection for your feet against germs on the floor or yoga mats. Nufoot is manufactured using water resistant neoprene coupled with an anti-microbial treatment. Our 4-way stretch fabric accommodates all feet sizes and shapes; wide, thin, long short – we’ve got you covered. Nufoot is available in dozens of beautiful patterns and colors, to match your every outfit and mood. Nufoot can also be worn: - Pilates - Bare - Martial arts/ kick boxing - Crossfit.

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